Marsh Power Technology

Our Solar Power System

Marsh Power Technology Ltd. (MPTL) is a one of the leading enterprise in our country for manufacturing various types of Distribution & Auto transformer for all over Bangladesh. Aspire is manufacturing Low loss, high quality & high efficient transformer. MPTL has made name for itself by in flinching faith in quality and technology up gradation, MPTL has built up a reputation for quality, efficiency, cost effective, competitive in all area. Our available product range is Single phase 1kVA to 75kVA and three phases 50kVA to 1500kVA,

Instant power supply (IPS):

It works through locally assembled CPU by converting DC to AC with the help of storage battery. It instantly supplies electricity in the electric line electricity line when the current goes off due to load-shedding or for any other reasons and gives backup of minimum 2-8 hours. This is helpful to use in offices, residences, cyber cafe, Hospitals, Clinic, Shops, Hotels, Community centers, television, VCR, Radio-Cassette-Players, fax, telex, E-mail, Tele-Printers etc. No fuel and extra electrical charge is required for this purpose. Our brand name is EMAG POWER.

Technical Specification

Model IPS-400 IPS-600 IPS-800 IPS-1000 IPS-1500 IPS-2000
Capacity 120 Watt 480 Watt 640 Watt 800 Watt 1200 Watt 1630 Watt
Input Voltage 220 V AC -10% single Phase 50 H2
Output Voltage 230 AC +2% for sine wave 220 V AC +5-10% for square wave (quos)50 H2
Protection over load short circuit over charge% discharge
Wave Form square wave (quos) or sine wave depends on model
Backup Time 2 hoours % above charge time 8-10 for 90% of capacity on model
Indication AC mains charging full charge inverter battery low ,overhead

IPS Load Distribution on Model

Model Capacity Load Distribution Power Consumption
IPS-400 320 Watt 2 tube/3CFL+2 Fan 4 tube 60 Watt
IPS-600 460 Watt 3 tube/4 CFL+ 3 Fan 40 Watt up to 20 Watt
IPS-800 640 Watt 6 tube/3CFL+4 Fan 21 CTV 100 Watt
IPS-1000 800 Watt 7 tube/3CFL+ 5 Fan PC with LCD 300 Watt